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The Dirtiest Dragon Ball Z Memes On The Internet


In the early days of Dragon Ball, poor Bulma was at the center of a lot of fan service. Whether Goku took off her panties or gave a flash to Master Roshi, Bulma was constantly showing off the goods. And, while the focus on Bulma did go away eventually, the fan service remains in the show. So it is no surprise that some of the best Dragon Ball Z memes are filled with titillating jokes.

Can’t you just feel the potential for some amazing dirty Dragon Ball Z memes with the name “Chi-Chi” alone? When it comes to any level of sexual Dragon Ball Z jokes, the Internet never fails to entertain. Assembled here are some of the funniest memes around with just a hint of dirty Dragon Ball Z innuendo. Well, some of them at least.

Here are the funniest dirty Dragon Ball Z memes that would make even Master Roshi proud.

  1. Here It Comes

2. Grower Not A Show-er

3. Round Two

4. Different Strokes

5. Waiting Game

6. Times Are Hard, Man

7. Noooooo

8. Who’s Your Daddy?

9. Getting Caught With His Special Beam Cannon.

10. Hey, Good Lookin’

11. Beast Mode!

12. Squad Goals

13. Slurp

14. Like Two Spirit Bombs

15. People Of Earth, Lend Me Your Power!

16. Look At What’s Under These Trunks!

17. That Hurts, Just Saiyan

18. Down With V’s D

19. Not So Super

20. Senzu: The Viagra Of DBZ

Best Goku Vs Marvel Memes 2022


If we look at the history of the comic books then Akira Toriyama’s Goku (Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z) ranks higher not only in terms of super strength, but, also in terms of the joy fans experience in discussing Goku’s strength and which are the other characters from various pop culture shows that Goku can beat in battle. Imagine the debates about Omega Level Mutants being compared to X-Men, and that’s what a debate about ‘Who all can be beaten by Goku?’ matters to Dragon Ball Z lovers.

This has led to the fact that the commonest memes related to Dragon Ball are those which depict Goku battling superheroes, especially the superheroes from Marvel Universe. The memes often create such rib-tickling battles in the vast Marvel Universe that you can compile an endless collection of memes which feature Goku challenging the whole of Marvel Universe (and then there is also a huge collection of those memes which depict the fight back of Marvel Universe). Out of this vast treasure trove of hilarious memes, we have compiled a selection of the best Goku vs. Marvel memes to delight you. Have a look at these incredible memes:

1. Bringing in the really big guns

2. Spider-Man knows the better part of valor

3. Celebrating the joy of battle

4. Will the real protectors please stand up

5. Been there, done that

6. Goku’s secret empire

7. Payment denied

8. Thanos makes his move

9. Splitting the bill

10. Spider-Man is above it all

11. Superman is not the only hero that Goku is similar to

12. You can’t tear Goku away from this fight

13. Calling in the reserves

14. Not so friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man

15. Now that’s just unfair

Naruto: 20+ Hot Pictures Of Sasuke & Sakura That Shows Their Bonding


The love chemistry between Sasuke and Sakura is something delightful for the fans. Whether it’s some intense moment in their love story or the romantic moments, the duo has never failed to impress the fans.

Though their love story started on a tragic note, ultimately everything went well between the two and they turned to partners for life. With their relationship getting new ends, the Internet was flooded with incredible pictures of the duo showcasing their deep bond and chemistry.

So, today we have gathered some of the best pictures of Sasuke and Sakura that showcases their love story. Make sure to go through the complete image gallery and comment down which was your favorite image. Also note some images are 18+.























Best Dragon Ball Z Memes Of All Time

Dragon Ball Z is one of the flagship-level series coming from the franchise. With hundreds of episodes entertaining the audience, Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball is leading the anime world. The franchise brought an incredible audience to the anime industry, setting the stage for popular shows like Naruto and more. 

While some of the viewers are not fond of Dragon Ball Z for its lengthy episodes, most of the anime fans are obsessed with its insane characters. Due to the immense popularity of the series, the Internet often gets strong, with tons of super hilarious memes and jokes to entertain Dragon Ball lovers.  Surrounding the main characters like Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, and more, these memes are a treat to anime fans.

So, today we present to you our best collection of all-time best Dragon Ball memes – 

#1 You know what, I am Saiyan?

#2 Sew What?

#3 All Goku, always

#4 Does it require special training?

#5 Kanye believe it?

#6 May his nose grow if he’s lying

#7 Rinse and repeat

Source – cbr.com 

15 Funny Dragon Ball Memes Which Will Make You Turn Into A Super Saiyan With Laughter

Since 1984 Dragon Ball franchise has been ruling the anime game with its insane characters like Goku and Vegeta. It’s been over 37 years Akira Toriyama’s incredible creation is entertaining the fans with a bunch of adventures, action, and insanity. With every year the franchise growing bigger and getting more and more popular. 

Dragon Ball took the anime game to the moons and today billions of audience are a fan of anime movies and shows. Today, the Dragon Ball franchise stands high as one of the most prominent Japanese media franchises. All the colorful Super Saiyans have established an unbreakable bond with the anime fans and they are often excited to witness some out-of-the-box content.

The creators keep on delivering super entertaining movies, comic books, games, and shows from the series. Different social media platforms are stormed with memes, jokes, and much more. As fans, we know all these are to experience an edge of entertainment and a good laugh. 

So, today we have crafted a list of super hilarious memes that will make you turn to a Super Saiyan with laughter. So, check out all the funny invitations below – 

1. Successful Despite Its Few Kinks!

2. Super Saiyan Mode

3. Original Design

4. Awesome Tunes While You

5. Poking Fun At Your Bud’s Favorite Anime Character

6. Filler Content

7. Everything’s Better With Bacon

8. You Like Dragon Ball!

9. A Great Quest

10. An Intense Story Line

11. Take That

12. The Wonder That Is Goku

13. That Guy!

14. Indeed It Is

15. A Multi-Faceted Villain

Source – cbr.com

Dragon Ball: Top 3 Characters Who Don’t Actually Fight

Dragon Ball series is one of the most loved anime presently. The series is known for its heroic plots, legendary transformations, and epic fighters. However, there are several characters who don’t actually contribute to the fights but play the roles of connecting pieces in the storyline. 

Dragon Ball franchise is the longest-running anime in history. The love the series garnered from the audience is something insane. With Goku and Vegeta leading the show with their legendary transformations and royal battles, there are many characters who play supporting roles and do not really contribute to fights. 

So, here are the top 3 characters who did not actually fight –

#1 The Eternal Dragon Shenron

Shenron is one of the most crucial characters of the Dragon Ball franchise. He is the main face behind granting all the wishes of the Z Fighters. While Shenron has granted most of the wishes of the Z-fighters, he has been a turning point in different battles. 

#2 All- Mighty Whis 

Being an angel, Whis is unable to dip his hands into any fight. Although Whis is extremely powerful and he trains the God Of Destruction, Whis never actually participated in any battle. 

#3 The Guardian Of Earth, Dende/Kami 

Namekians are the most important characters in Dragon Ball. Both Dende and Kami served as the Guardians of the Earth. Their primary job is to create and protect the Dragon Balls. So, both of them did not actually indulge in any battle. 

Source – cbr.com

Top 3 Hilarious Comics That Elevated Saiyans Over 9000!!!


Recently, the top anime franchise Dragon ball wrapped up its thirty years since it’s debut. Akira Toriyama’s contribution to the anime world is irreplaceable. Dragon Ball has led a new era of anime in the world attracting huge audiences. It’s blend of legendary characters and humor loaded acts turned the limelight and the fans are always demanding for more. 

 The Dragon Ball franchise is something everlasting. So here are the top 3 hilarious comics that pushed super saiyans over 9000 –

#1 Krillin Has Android 18’s Number 

Krillin is arguably the most powerful human on Earth. Although he contributed less to the story. He appeared more like a support system to Goku.

#2 Pride Is Nothing But A Crutch 

Dragon Ball has incredibly documented the royal attitude of Vegeta. His pride loaded character creates an entertaining setting for the audience. While Goku is the lead character of the show, Vegeta adds a pinch of pride to the Dragon Ball franchise.

#3 Hardly An Ideal For First Impression

Vegeta’s childhood was something terrible. While his shift from heir to throne is a sense of pride for the Saiyan, it’s nothing more than some amusement for Freiza. 

Source – cbr.com


Top 5 Cosplays Of Dragon Ball That Look Exactly Like Characters!!

With the increase in popularity of the Dragon Ball franchise, more and more fans are getting obsessed with the merchandise, and toys. But have you ever wondered how your favourite Dragon Ball characters will look, if they manage to step out of the screens? Well let’s take a look at the top 5 Dragon Ball Cosplays that exactly resemble the characters. 

#1 Fabibi – Videl 

Fabibi is one of the magical creations of the South American nation, Chile. She is an extremely talented model who carries out the perfect look in this amazing cosplay of Videl. The sexy looks of Fabibi tempts the fans and there are more stunning pictures available on Internet. 

#2 Virchan Puu – Bulma 

Virchan Puu is one of the most popular cosplayers. She carries out the stunning look of Bulma and her adventurous characters finds a new meaning through Virchan Puu’s incredible cosplay.

#3 Amouranth – Android 18 


When it comes to gaming, Amouranth pops out to be a prominent face. Her games on Twitch and cosplays are pretty famous. If delivering fantastic cosplays to the audience is an art, Amouranth is the Picasso of it. 

#4 Kayla Erin – Super Saiyan Goku 

Kayla Erin presents a bunch of Dragon Ball outfits to attract the fans. Her cosplay portfolio is loaded with sensational characters like Halloween costumes and much more. This Super Saiyan look of Kayla Erin resembles Goku’s incredible look.

#5 Project Alice -Vegeta 

Project Alice has grabbed the limelight with her character. She defines the angry young look of Vegeta with a sexy and seductive look.

Source – cbr.com


5 Crucial Elements That Were Lost At The End Of The Dragon Ball Series!!

There’s no doubt that Dragon Ball is and will be one of the greatest anime shows in history. It’s super popular among anime lovers for its rich storyline and characters. However, the show still misses out on some elements by the climax of the series. 

Although Dragon Ball is one the fundamental series that exposed the trend of anime, it kept some principles sideways. So, in this article, we bring you the top 3 important elements the Dragon Ball series lost by its end. 

#1 Launch Mastering Personality Transformation

Dragon Ball series is loaded with the most entertaining elements and characters, with strange abilities. Launch is one of the human characters of the show, who goes through a Hyde/Jekyll personality transformation with every sneeze. An arc was introduced featuring her mastering the personality transformation. However, later Toriyama overshadowed her with other characters. 

#2 Demon King Piccolo’s Enslavement of Earth 

Demon King Piccolo was no doubt one of the most deadly villains in the original Dragon Ball series. King Piccolo may not be triumphant. However, he left an offspring to destroy Goku and the planet. Initially, Piccolo walked on the roads defined by his father. But, later he turned out to be an ally for Goku. 

#3 Goku’s Great Ape Transformation

The original Dragon Ball series never defined Goku as a member of the Saiyan race or his special heritages like the Great Ape Transformation. Other characters like Vegeta portrayed that their Ape form can be controlled and maximized. However, Goku’s form seemed out of control. So, the transformations were slowly excluded from the series. 

#4 Goku’s Connection To His Grandpa 

Goku’s adoptive Grandpa, Gohan was one of the most important characters in the original Dragon Ball as he was the one who sheltered the Super Saiyan. However, gradually the show dropped the connection between Goku and his Grandpa. 

#5 Power Development of Yamcha 

Martial artists have always been an important part of Dragon Ball. Yamcha is one of the initial martial artists on Goku and Bulma’s journey. Initially, Yamcha was introduced as a deadly fighter who learns new techniques and improves regularly. However, later Krillin replaced him, and his powers were stagnated by the climax of the series. 

Source – cbr.com

What Makes Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon So… Unique?

Dragon Ball introduces tons of special attacks on the most prominent characters like Goku and Vegeta. However, Piccolo’s Special Cannon Beam is one of the most underrated attacks which possess incredible damage. But what makes the attack so special? Let’s take a close look. 

With Goku evolving and learning learn techniques, the Dragon Ball series has included a wide array of special attacks. Goku’s Kamehameha is one of the most prominent attacks in the franchise. However, the special cannon beam of the Namekian warrior, Piccolo is equally devastating. In Dragon Ball Z, in a face-off against Raditz, Piccolo revealed his special attack, Cannon beam. 

Although Dragon Ball has introduced tons of new moves and powers, the special cannon beam remains one of the most devastating moves of Piccolo. 

While Raditz was far more powerful than Goku and Piccolo when he stepped into the earth at the beginning of DBZ, Piccolo’s Special cannon beam appeared to be extremely damaging and possess the potential to kill the fully charged form of Raditz. It nearly demolishes Raditz. But, the villain mange to dodge it at the last second. While he got a severe shoulder injury. 

The special beam is super effective as Piccolo releases it in a fully charged form. And as we know, charged attacks are highly damaging and possess the potential to kill villains. Therefore, Piccolo’s special is one of the most effective and unique attacks in Dragon Ball history. 

Source – cbr.com